After School’s Voluptuous New Concept for “Diva” in Japan K-pop news

Accompanying the release of their second single, “Diva“  in Japan last month,
the girls of After School have adopted a tantalizing new concept which is presented on their new album cover
that was first exposed to the public on their official homepage.

The girls are seen in moderately elegant outfits that generally emphasize
their curves and give off a classy “ballerina” feel from the waist down with
help from their fashionable pink tutu’s and the straps on their legs which are currently driving the fans wild.

Netizens who most likely have this picture saved on their computer now supported the girls
with helpful and positive comments such as:

“A sexy concept that only After School is capable of pulling off“

“[They're] really pretty”

On the upcoming 12th, the girls will be holding an exciting and entertaining
performance at the “Girls Award” in the National Yoyogi Stadium.


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